SE Property Management and Real Estate, LLC. is the premier vacation home property management and real estate company in the Vail Valley.  Our goal is to deliver the best services, vendors, and experience possible; to manage your home as if it was ours.  Our vast array of quality services will fulfill any request possible during your time in Colorado, and the maintenance suggested and performed will keep the integrity of your investment at a reasonable rate.  We have forested a style of management that is unique to the industry, leading the way when it comes to luxury services and performance with the highest levels of customer service.  This enhances the lives of our clients and provides comfort and reassurance that their property is being maintained properly.  This progressive style and dedication to improving the means by which we do business, it is what sets us apart from out competition.  It has allowed us to build and retain long lasting relationships with our clients.

Regular Property Inspections

Frequent property inspection will insure that each property is in exceptional shape.  During the coldest months there are multiple inspections per week.  These inspections are comprehensive and involve the entire property.  During inspections, notes will be made for maintenance, upgrades, and supplies that are needed.  Inspections also happen each day of an arrival and each day of a departure.  Your property is in good hands with us.

Personal & Concierge Services

We provide luxury management that caters to every aspect of your home, vehicle, and personal belongings.  You will arrive to a well lite warm house, in your clean and gassed vehicle, that we dropped off at the airport.  All household supplies are stocked.  Beer and groceries are in the fridge.  Today’s newspapers and periodicals are on the kitchen island accompanied with some fresh flowers.  Your skis are tuned and dinners are scheduled for the week.  Then you realize your house is in perfect shape; everything is operating properly and the property has been maintained to a tee.  All that is left is to enjoy your time in the beautiful Vail Valley.

Maintenance and Repairs

Managing properties in the extreme elements of the high Rockies is an art – it takes experience, expertise, attention to detail, and total commitment to quality service.  We provide a vast array of maintenance services but we will hire accredited contractors at reasonable rates when needed.  We are accustomed to the unique industry and have built strong relationships with reliable and qualified vendors.  Our goal is to minimize the cost of annual maintenance while still upholding the integrity of the investment.  The money saved allows for larger maintenance items to become more frequent.

Superior Customer Service

We have developed a very effective style of management that has allowed us to build and retain long lasting relationships with our clients.  Luxury customer service is the standard and we strive to exceed this.  We are defining a new era of property management.  We are easy to reach via phone, text, email, or any other means.  All inquires are responded to immediately.  Let us prove this to you.

Emergency & Vendor Contact

All property and maintenance related phone calls will be directed to us.  All alarm related phone calls will also be directed to us.  We will respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.  This will allow you to enjoy the high Rockies.

Arrival Preparation

We will meticulously pick through each inch of you home before you arrive.  All lights, clocks, TV’s, and many more items will be adjusted.  Your mechanical systems will be checked for functionality.  Based on your requests, we can provide any service thinkable.  We can arrange for a caterer, purchase all of your supplies, tune your recreational equipment, and/or anything else desired.  We like to take care of all of the logistics so that you can just enjoy your vacation upon arrival.

Supervising Maintenance

Attention to detail is required.  We have a strong understanding of construction techniques and practices.  This allows us to truly supervise all vendors at your house.  During larger construction projects, daily inspections will happen to ensure the quality of work from the vendors.  Over the years, we have become extremely knowledgeable about mechanical systems which allows us to save you substantial amounts of money while you are away.  Preventive maintenance is something that we strongly encourage to retain the value of the home.

Annual In-Depth Inspections

We will try to envision the same goal as each owner for the future of their property.   The annual inspection will pick up every detail.  We will then propose an itemized list of maintenance.  You will be able to pick and choose how you would like to proceed.

Brokerage & Leasing

SE Property Management and Real Estate will help you with all aspects of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate.  Our customized services will help you locate the right property at the right price.  We have an abundant amount of local knowledge about real estate markets here in Eagle County.  SE Property Management and Real Estate has access to all local property databases and will use them accordingly.